Beyond Construction: Creative Uses for Crane Hire

While cranes are commonly associated with construction sites, they have many other uses beyond the construction industry. This blog post will explore creative uses for crane hire across various sectors and industries. 

Shipping Industry  

The shipping industry relies heavily on cranes for loading and unloading cargo from ships. Cranes can lift and transport shipping containers from cargo ships to trucks or trains for transportation to their final destination. Crane hire services can provide a cost-effective solution for shipping companies that do not have their own cranes or require additional cranes for busy periods.

Event Management

Cranes can be used to set up large-scale events such as music festivals, outdoor concerts and sporting events. They can lift heavy equipment and stage setups, move containers and provide a bird's eye view of the event. They can also provide safer transportation of large objects and installations, making them ideal for festivals and outdoor events that require large structures. Crane hire services can provide event management companies with a versatile and effective solution for event setup.


Cranes can be used in the agriculture industry for various tasks such as lifting heavy machinery, transporting large containers of feed and unloading produce from trucks. They are used to lift and install irrigation systems. Crane hire services can provide a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized farms that require additional lifting equipment for seasonal tasks.

Power and Utility Companies

Cranes play a vital role in the power and utility industry. This equipment is used to lift and replace heavy equipment such as electrical transformers and streetlights, making repairs and upgrades more efficient. It can also be used to lift and move heavy objects during road maintenance and construction work. Crane hire services can provide power and utility companies with an efficient and cost-effective solution for maintenance and repairs.

Film and TV Industry

The film and TV industry often require large sets and equipment that need to be moved quickly and safely. Cranes can lift cameras and filming equipment, set up lighting rigs and move set pieces. Mobile cranes can also be used to create dramatic shots and aerial views. Crane hire services can provide the film and TV industry with a versatile and efficient solution for filming and production.


Cranes have many uses beyond the construction industry, including in shipping, event management, agriculture, power and utility and the film and TV industry. Hiring a crane can offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for various industries and sectors. To find out more, contact a crane hire company today.