3 Industries In Australia That Require A Regular Height Safety Equipment Inspection

Australia is a country with a rich history of industrial development. From the gold rush era to today's modern mining sector, Australia's economy has always relied on its productive industries.

The Australian government has created laws to ensure the safety of workers in these industries, but there are some that must be inspected regularly for compliance. For example, many industries in Australia require the use of height safety equipment. These industries are in need of regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the integrity of their equipment.

Here are three industries that require regular height safety equipment inspections:

1. Construction 

Construction sites are dangerous places where accidents can happen at any given moment. For example, if the scaffolding collapses unexpectedly then there is a high chance that someone will get injured or killed as a result of this accident. For this reason alone, it's vital for construction companies to make sure that their workers are using good quality fall protection equipment like harnesses or lanyards at all times while working on a project site. If they fail to do so then they risk getting into trouble with their workplace insurance policy provider. If you run your own construction company then you should regularly conduct a height safety equipment inspection.

2. Utilities 

The utilities industry is one of the most dangerous industries in Australia, and it's not just because of the high-voltage power cables. Employees are often required to work at heights, so they must be provided with fall protection equipment. Personal fall arrest systems must be used when workers are on scaffolding or working from a ladder. In addition, there are other forms of fall protection equipment that can be used for various purposes such as personal lifelines, harnesses and ropes. You should also make sure that your employees have been trained in how to use these items safely.

3. Arborists 

Arborists are often required to climb trees in order to prune them or inspect them for disease or pests. The height of these trees can vary from only a few feet up to several hundred feet above the ground. Without proper safety equipment, climbing these trees would be extremely dangerous and could result in serious injuries or death. As such, arborists must regularly inspect their safety gear such as fall arrest systems before using them on the job site. Tree surgeons who use mobile elevated work platforms also need regular inspections because they are also at risk of falling from heights if their equipment fails during use.

To find out more about how a height safety equipment inspection can help you stay safe on the job, contact a professional today.