Top Things To Know About Having Dewatering Done When Having Your Foundation Repaired

Since you have noticed that your home's foundation needs to be repaired, you might have started exploring some of the foundation repair techniques that are used. One that might have surprised you might have been dewatering. However, dewatering might need to be done when you're having your foundation issue taken care of, and these are some of the things you'll want to know about it:

This Might Be Necessary

Of course, dewatering — which refers to the process of pumping water from below the ground's surface that might be impacting your home's foundation — isn't always needed when foundation repairs are being done. In some cases, foundations have been damaged by dry soil, improper installation or time. However, if your home's foundation isn't stable because there is water too close to the ground's surface, then dewatering might be needed. If you know that the water table is high on your property, then there is a good chance that dewatering could be needed as a part of repairing your foundation. However, it can be hard for the average person to make this determination. The contractor who is going to be handling your foundation repair should be able to tell you if dewatering needs to be done, and they should know just how to do it.

Special Dewatering Equipment Will Be Used

You might understand that water needs to be removed from the ground so that your foundation can be repaired, but what you might be unsure of is how this is done. There is actually special dewatering equipment that can be used for this purpose. Basically, dewatering pump equipment consists of a pump that pumps water from beneath the ground's surface with the specific intention of removing it from the area permanently.

The Water Should Be Handled Properly

You might be glad that excessive water is being brought up from underneath and around your home's foundation, since you are looking forward to having your foundation repaired in the right way. You could be wondering what will be done with the excess water that is pumped from underneath the ground's surface; after all, you probably don't want it to find its way back around your foundation where it can cause problems again. Luckily, the water will typically be directed well away from your home or taken off-site so that you shouldn't have to worry about it causing your home or the environment any issues.