Choosing Replacement Tyres For Your Triple Axle Trailer: A Guide

Triple axle trailers are typically ideal for hauling heavy or bulky items. For this reason, many triple axle trailers have several tyres or wheels to support the weight of the bulky cargo. However, this also means that these tyres are subjected to incredible stress. Therefore, while properly matched tyres will last, they may wear down after continued use, calling for a replacement. Choosing the correct replacement tyres for your triple axle trailer is crucial for efficiency, longevity and safety. With many of these in the markets, finding the right ones for your trailer can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Therefore, below are some of the critical aspects to consider in your selection.

Decide Between Bias Ply And Radial Tyres

Radial and bias-ply tyres are the basic options you will find when looking for replacement tyres for your triple axle trailer. Radial trailer tyres have plies, usually made of steel, running perpendicularly across the belt and tyre from the tyre's tread centre line. One of the notable benefits that radial tyres have over their bias-ply counterparts is that they offer less rolling resistance. Less rolling resistance comes with other advantages like proper heat dissipation (allowing them to run cooler on longer trips), longer-lasting treads and better fuel economy.

On the other hand, instead of the steel plies, they feature cross-hatched cords made of steel or nylon running at an angle from the tyre's tread centre line. Generally, these tyres tend to have stiffer sidewalls. Therefore, they offer more stability than their radial counterparts. Increased stability reduces trailer sway, which in turn promotes safety on the road. In addition, it makes them better for carrying exceptionally heavy cargo.

Consider Your Trailer's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This rating is also critical when selecting replacement tyres for your triple axle trailer. It determines the maximum weight the tyres can comfortably support, and it often includes the weight of the trailer itself. Therefore, assess the heaviest loads you intend to carry and consider the trailer's weight to choose tyres with the gross vehicle weight rating can support.

Think About The Speed Rating

Every tyre has a speed rating. And it's essential to choose the correct rating to ensure the tyres can handle your maximum speeds without developing inflation issues among other problems. Therefore, assess the maximum speeds you are likely to reach and choose tyres with the correct speed ratings.

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