Aspects That Will Influence the Cost of Mini Excavator Hire

Mini excavator hire is a popular solution for many a homeowner, and this can be attributed to the array of benefits that this type of equipment offers. From the portable nature of this excavator to the enhanced navigation capabilities that this equipment offers, it is widely used for residential DIY projects such as landscaping, trenching and more! Nonetheless, simply because this equipment is smaller than its standard-sized excavators does not mean that it is automatically cheap to hire. Although it can be more affordable than renting its larger counterparts, there are still several factors that come into play when determining the costs that you will have to bear. To help you discern what to expect, this article highlights some of the aspects that will influence the cost of mini excavator hire.

The availability of the excavator equipment

Supply and demand affect a majority of businesses. With that in mind, it is unsurprising that mini excavator prices will also oscillate depending on the availability of the equipment. The more mini excavators the equipment hire company has, the lower the rental costs for you, and vice versa. Take note, if you choose to hire a mini excavator from a different town due to increased demand in your location, you will have to factor in the transportation costs. In some scenarios, the transportation costs can be quite expensive, so it would make more sense to simply rent locally.

The specifications of your preferred equipment

Once you have found an equipment provider that has mini excavators available, you will then have to take into account the specifications that you are looking for. A misassumption that some people new to excavator hire make is assuming that all mini excavators come in the same size, but this incorrect. Simply because this equipment is portable does not mean it is not available in a range of sizes and functionalities. For example, technologically-advanced mini excavators will be outfitted with specialised features such as GPS, whereas the older variety will have less advanced features. The more powerful your preferred mini excavator is, the more money you should expect to pay in rental costs.

The type of mini excavator hire

If you are unfamiliar with excavator equipment hire, you likely are unaware of the fact that it is available in two main types — dry hire and wet hire. Dry hire refers to leasing the equipment so you can utilise it on your own, whereas wet hire means leasing the equipment with an operator to handle it. Although dry hire is cheaper, you should know that it is inadvisable to opt for this solution if you have no experience with operating an excavator. Instead, you should opt for wet hire so that you can minimise the risk of paying for equipment repairs due to damage, medical costs due to injury and so on.

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