Choosing the Right Type of Crushed Rock for Your Driveway

Crushed stone aggregates are one of the most commonly used materials in the construction process. They are good for projects such as driveway paving and foundation slabs, among others. However, there are many sizes and types of crushed stone aggregate available in the market. It is advisable to take time and learn about the best types of these stones and what they are best used for. Here are a few important things you might not know about crushed rock.

Choosing the Right Type of Stone

Crushed stones are classified into many categories. The most common ones are crushed and screened, washed clean, gravel, quarry process, riprap stone and stone grits. Crushed and screened stones are usually granite rocks that are crushed and then screened by a filter. The filter sorts them to different sizes. Washed clean stones are crushed and then washed to remove any stone dust and other debris they may have. Gravel is roughly crushed and is more appropriate for landscaping projects as opposed to functional building applications. Quarry stones still have the stone dust in them, and when you use them to pave, the dust fills the space between the rocks, creating density. Ask the seller for the most suitable stone type for your particular need because otherwise, you will have a hard time with your project.

The Size of the Stones

You can get the small, medium and large size of crushed stones from the supplier. There is also a fourth category which is a combination of small and large stones. Small crushed stones are ideal when you want to compact an area that has been filled with large rocks. The medium-sized rocks are an ideal top layer for a structure created using a stone foundation. The large crushed rocks always form the base. A mixture is ideal when you need a dense layer for any construction project.

Cost of the Stones

The cost of the stones is determined by their type, quality and other factors such as transportation costs. Before buying any aggregate, it is best to think about the value it will give your project. If the supplier is far, transport costs could increase the amount you have to spend on the stones.

Take time and shop from a trusted and reliable crushed stone supplier. They will help you choose the perfect stones to suit your needs. They often transport the crushed stones for you and deliver them to the site.