5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mobile Crane for Your Residential Project

Do you need a crane for your residential construction project? With various types of cranes for hire in the market, making an ideal choice can be a daunting task. One of the most versatile options out there is a mobile crane. This type features a telescopic boom mounted to a mobile platform. The platform has wheels or rails, which make it possible for the crane to move from one place to another on the site. This is unlike other types such as overhead and tower cranes. However, in addition to its mobility, here are five reasons why a mobile crane is a suitable selection for your residential project.

Flexible and Suitable for Residential Applications

One challenge you may face when renting a crane for residential projects is ensuring the flexibility and movability of the equipment. Most residential projects involve hard-to-access sites with limited space and narrow passages. Therefore, it is hard to use certain types of cranes on such sites. Mobile cranes are incredibly versatile and flexible. They feature compact designs that make it possible for them to access properties with limited space for heavy machinery. They can also fit through narrow passages. Therefore, if you need a crane for a developed area, a mobile one would be the most suitable option.

Easy and Fast to Set Up

Some cranes such as overhead and tower cranes take up a lot of time to set up. They also feature complex components that require an expert to assemble. This complexity can prolong the project period and translate into increased costs. Mobile cranes feature a simple design, with a wheeled platform and a telescopic boom. As a result, the setup process is fast and easy. What's more, any experienced operator can set up the machinery without extra help. This translates into reduced project times, a shorter hire period and significant cost savings.

Safe and Reliable Option for Projects

Crane accidents are common in construction and other projects that require lifting and lowering of materials. Research by Safe Work Australia illustrates that between 2002 and 2014, there were 417 fatalities in the construction industry, with 49 of them resulting from objects falling from buildings and other structures. Most of these objects fell from cranes and excavators. Therefore, there's a need to rent cranes that will reduce accidents on the site. When used correctly, mobile cranes are as safe as other types, including those that are bolted to the ground during operation. All you need to do is inspect the crane, check weight capacity and ensure proper operation.

Suitable for Heavy Lifts

Mobile cranes come in various sizes with different lifting capacities. You can rent cranes varying in weight, with the heaviest ones having the highest lifting capacity. Rough-terrain mobile cranes tend to have the highest lifting capacity; therefore, have this in mind when renting. 

Affordable and Cost-Effective

When renting a crane, you should look beyond the cost of hiring. Consider how the complexities of the design and handling issues will impact the overall cost of the project. Mobile cranes are the most popular options, and this makes them affordable to rent when compared to tower and overhead cranes. Additionally, you don't have to spend money planning and clearing pathways to the site. What's more, with less time spent setting up the equipment and fewer billable hours for your operator, you can save a lot of money on the project. 

Mobile cranes are versatile, reliable, safe and affordable solutions for your construction project. Contact a local rental company for more information on how to choose the best type of mobile crane for your individual needs.

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