Guidelines to Follow When Looking for a Float Rental

If you are thinking about moving from one part of the country to another, and you want to take your horse with you, it will be advisable to think about getting a comfortable way to move them. Buying a horse float might be beyond your financial ability at the time, however, you can choose to rent one. Many companies specialise in horse float rentals and getting the one that will give you an easy time could be tough. However, if you have a guideline of the most important considerations to make before hiring a horse rental, the process will be straightforward for you. You will find these three guidelines very useful.

Check the Rental Contract

Before renting a float, whether you are getting it from an individual or a business, it is advisable to ask for a contract and sign it. The contract is the only protection you will have in case problems come up in the middle of the journey. Check the listed license plate and registration number and ensure that they match before leaving with the float. 

Work with a Trusted Lender

There are countless businesses offering horseboxes and floats for rent. It is advisable to ask for a recommendation for an accredited business. Having a company as a go-between you and the owners of the floats will ensure that any disputes that arise are dealt with professionally. Companies are also likely to take the issue of insuring their rentals against any eventualities, which will safeguard you and your horse.

Have an Emergency Plan

A lot of things can happen when you are hauling the horse float from one place to the other. Before driving off with the float, sit down, and create a plan of action in case of an accident or other emergency. Note down crucial numbers such as the number of the renting company. Additionally, ensure that a family member knows where you are at all times. Finally, save the contact of an emergency vet near where you are travelling as this could be a lifesaver.

It is also advisable to always clean and reorganise the rental before giving it back to the company or the owner. When you return the float in the condition you found it, the company will not have a hard time renting it out to you in the future. 

For more information, look for a professional or company that provides float hire near you.