Heavy Equipment Maintenance Tips

Construction contractors understand that investing in heavy construction equipment, such as excavator equipment or heavy drills, can be a costly investment. That's why they take every step necessary to make sure that such equipment is properly maintained.

This not only increases productivity and profits on construction jobs, but it significantly increases your return on investment. To make sure that your construction tasks don't get delayed or halted, here are important maintenance tips worth your attention.

Check on your electrical wiring

Construction equipment experts strongly recommend contractors effectively protect the electrical wiring of the equipment from harsh weather elements. Continued use of such equipment on field operations without a proper cover can expose them to harsh weather conditions that may shorten their productivity.

Don't exceed the performance limit

When working with heavy equipment you have to make sure that you don't exceed the stipulated performance limit and specification. Just like many industries, the optimal performance of heavy equipment is key to yielding the best results.

To make sure your equipment is in great shape, it's important to take note of the limits for loads. Many pieces of heavy equipment feature multiple power modes. It is, therefore, important that you configure them to the right mode depending on the task at hand. Also, take note that minimising your equipment's idle and travel time can increase your asset longevity.

Abide by the manufacturer's recommendation

Proper maintenance of your heavy construction equipment entails more than just abiding to your manufacturers set maintenance guidelines. By taking great care of your equipment when in use, you significantly reduce the chances of mechanical failure.

Heavy construction equipment is meant to work on specific tasks and to be used with particular parts and attachments. That said, if an operator decides not to use a particular machine for an intended purpose, or if they use attachments that do not fit properly, the equipment may end up breaking down unintentionally.

Proper Operator Training

A machine used by a trained operator is bound to last longer and have less wear and tear. Trained professionals not only pick issues on a heavy equipment machine, but they understand the set limitations such equipment may have.

Operators who have gone through the right training program understand what to do to ensure maximum performance of their heavy construction equipment.

Proper maintenance of heavy construction equipment is key to effective performance. Take note of the tips highlighted on this guide and you will be a step closer to great performance.