Understanding Height Safety Equipment Inspection

An operator who has been trained to work at height is referred to as a height safety operator. He or she is expected to wear or use height safety equipment that helps prevent him or her from falling. Such equipment can include fall arrest devices, harnesses, connectors, lanyards, slings, ropes, etc. Here's what you need to know about these pieces of equipment and their inspection. Selection of Height Safety Equipment [Read More]

A Guide On Residential Demolition

There are several reasons why people demolish their buildings. They might want to renovate part of the structure or put up an entirely new building. In other cases, the building could be too weak or infested with pests. House demolition can be a complicated task. As such, homeowners are advised to hire a qualified and licensed demolition contractor to pull down the structure. Read this article to get a better understanding of the demolitions process. [Read More]

3 Critical Questions You Shouldn't Ignore When Hiring a Posi-Track

When planning a construction project, you should have the right equipment for it. If you don't, the construction project may delay and lead to money and time wastage. A Posi-Track is one of the construction machines you may need to hire to complete your project in good time. But before you hire the track loader, you need to ask yourself these questions. Will It Be Safe to Use? If you don't consider the safety of the construction equipment you intend to hire, things might go wrong on your side. [Read More]

Critical Considerations when Hiring a Tower Crane

Attempting to build a skyscraper without a tower crane would be asking too much from construction workers. While boom cranes have come a long way in terms of reach, they cannot handle the lift requirements of skyscraper projects. You need a tower crane since it is specifically designed to lift significant loads to greater heights. Due to its sheer size, it is more cost-effective to hire a tower crane as opposed to buying one. [Read More]