Top Tips When Choosing An Earthmover Hiring Service

New earthmovers can cost a fortune. As such, most contractors opt to hire these pieces of equipment only when they need them for short-term projects. Choosing an earthmover hiring service can be a challenging task. Below is an extract explaining the considerations that you should make when choosing one hiring company over the other. Ultimately, it ensures that you will work with a reasonably priced company that offers high-quality services. 

Check The Availability Of The Earthmover You Need

Most contractors will simply ask, "Do you have an excavator for hire?" However, they forget to inquire about the specifications of the earthmover they need. One of your concerns when hiring an earthmover is the manufacturer. More often than not, the earthmover will work for long hours. Therefore, you need durable equipment that can withstand rugged working conditions. You should also inquire about the earthmover's weight limits, method of movement (tires or tracks), available safety features and attachments, engine size, and additional accessories. The hiring company should also provide you with an inspection report to prove that the earthmover is in excellent condition. 

Inquire About Complimentary Services

Reputable companies may offer complimentary services to encourage client loyalty. For instance, they could transport the equipment for free to and from your site. However, they could charge a small fee if your site is not within their operating area. The company could also deploy a mechanic to service the equipment when it is at your site. 

Assess The Terms Of Hire

Below are some things to look out for when assessing the company's terms of hire: 

  • Is the earthmover hired on a wet or dry basis? A wet earthmover comes with an operator; a dry one does not.
  • Is the earthmover insured? Do not hire an earthmover without insurance coverage. If you do, you will be liable if it gets stolen or suffers an accident.
  • What happens if the earthmover breaks down at your site? Reputable companies will conduct thorough investigations to establish liability. Typically, you will pay for repairs if you are liable.
  • What are the company's cancellation and extension policies? For example, they may penalise you if you cancel your booking a few hours before the earthmover arrives at your site. 

Check The Company Pricing

Most companies will be ready to give a discount. However, you should push the hiring company to adjust its terms to reduce extra costs. For instance, you could ask for a fixed charge to ensure you do not pay more during weekends. Besides, you could ask the company not to charge when the equipment is not in use. 

When choosing an earthmover hiring service, inquire about the availability of the earthmover you need, the complimentary services on offer, the terms of hire, and the company pricing. 

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