The Three Main Benefits of Having Mulch in Your Garden

Decorative gardens take on many forms and shapes. Flower gardens add an aesthetic appeal to the home and can range from simple ones to bigger and more elaborate ones. Vegetable gardens are similarly attractive and functional. Whether you want to have a flower or vegetable garden, it is essential to understand the farming processes, which will add value to the crops and protect them from extreme weather conditions such as too much heat in the summer. Gardeners classify mulch into organic and inorganic. Organic mulch eventually decomposes and becomes manure. On the other hand, you can reuse inorganic mulch several times because it does not break down. Here are the main benefits you stand to gain from adding mulch to your garden.

Soil Moisture Retention

One of the biggest challenges to the gardening process is water evaporation from the soil. When the sun is hot, and the crops are not protected from sun rays, a lot of water evaporates back into the atmosphere. It leaves the plants with less moisture than needed to transport food from the soil. As a result, the plants start withering and could end up dying. Mulching forms a barrier between the soil and the rays of the sun. When the soil retains moisture, your plants stay healthy.

Addition to Soil Nutrients

If you invest in organic mulches, you are sure that with time, they will break down. When mulch decomposes, it becomes organic material that is very beneficial to your crops. With proper mulching, your need to supplement the nutrients in the soil with artificial fertilisers reduces significantly.

Injury and Weed Control

Mulch is applied to the crops when they are budding. This is the stage in their life when they are most vulnerable. The blanket of organic matter shields them from being damaged either by the feet or other agricultural equipment. Additionally, soil that has mulch is less likely to hold weeds than bare soil. If you choose pine, cypress and cedar chips as mulch, your garden will repel fleas, ticks and gnats, eliminating the need for pesticides.

Industrial mulch comes customised to fit the unique needs of your garden. It is, therefore, advisable to have it as part of the landscaping project. The crucial thing to remember is to get the mulch supply from reliable suppliers. They will ensure that you get excellent quality of mulch and that it is suitable for your situation. Farming is much simplified when you use mulch.